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1What’s the best part about an e-cycle?

Electric bikes break down barriers of riding. It comes with assist, an incredibly intuitive, vital tool for commuting that gives you an option to pedal, go full throttle or use pedal assist. E-cycles are also eco friendly, ensure less physical exertion than regular cycles and help you save money on fuel and maintenance.

2What is the difference between an Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter?

Electric scooter are non-geared two-wheelers that work like a regular scooter on electric. The components and other electrical parts are all covered that give the rider a maximum speed of 25 kmph. However e-cycles ride at a speed upto 25km/hr. One also does not need any license or any form of registration to ride an e-cycle.

3Do I need to have driving license or any official documents to use this on Road?

No, our e-cycles does not warrant any official papers or license issue by the road authorities.

4I like riding my conventional bike, why would I need an electric cycles?

You may find that adding an e-cycle to your lineup of bikes can help increase the efficiency and speed of your day-to-day activities. E -cycles give you the option of cycling in the traditional form or using a motor. Thus, it lessens the physical exertion and saves time especially if you are using it to commute daily, for work or to run errands. They are also built stronger with more load bearing capacity than regular cycles.

5Does e-Bicycle need Registration?

No registration is required under the motor vehicle act.

6How often does this need servicing?

“Our e-Bicycle is maintenance Free. However, Health checkups are Scheduled.”

7Does my e-cycle come with a user manual?

Yes, our e-Bicycles come with a manual, which gives you all information related to the vehicle use, ride, safety, service & warranty.

8In case of damage, where do I get spare parts for the e-Bicycle?

Our spare parts will be available at our dealers and in showrooms.

9Does law mandate for a helmet to ride?

No, but for your safety, we strictly recommend that you wear one when you ride.

10Is it legal for a minor to ride it on the roads?

Yes, it is legal for minors to ride however caution should be exercised as the cycle is powered with a battery and can reach a speed of up to 25kms.

11Are there any accessories available for my e-cycle?

Around 16 Accessories are readily available for use. Check our accessories section on the website to take your pick. The “Motovolt e-cycles come with a wide range of accessories to choose from as per your requirement. You could also visit the nearest Motovolt Showroom to check them out!

12Can I ride an e-cycle as a regular cycle - without the electric power?

Yes, and it is easy to switch back and forth. For example, you can use power when you are going up hill and without power while coming down hill.

13How do you turn the vehicle on/off?

There is a power switch located on the side of the battery that serves as the on/off switch for the whole system.

14Throttle or pedal assist, which is best?

It depends on your riding preference. Some people like throttle because it allows them to ride along with or without pedaling. Pedal assist adds assist as soon as you start pedaling and people who are used to riding conventional bikes tend to prefer this system. If you use pedal assist your battery will last longer.

15What happens if I forget to switch off the vehicle?

While it does not cause any damage to the vehicle, it does drain the battery and the cycle might accelerate if somebody accidentally touches the throttle.

16Will the lights still work if the battery is dead?

Yes. The battery management systems stop the motor from drawing power when the battery’s capacity reaches a certain point, but there is still power available to operate the lights.

17Can I ride my e-cycle in the monsoons?

Yes, you can ride your e-cycle in the monsoon. You have to take some precautions like you should not ride in deep water. After riding, the e-cycle should be parked in a dry place or under a covered place. After the ride, make sure the e-Bicycle and components are kept dry.

18How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Depends on the battery and charger size you are using. It usually varies between 2 to 4 Hours.

19What sort of charging point do I need to recharge?

You can charge our e-cycle with 5 amps electrical wall socket.

20How much does it cost to charge the battery?

Ans 21: In general, it will cost you Rs.2 to Rs.3 to charge for full charge of the Motovolt Battery Pack. This is considering Rs.5 per electric unit. With this in mind, most employers will not mind if you charge your battery at work.

21Can I remove the battery from the cycle to charge?

Yes, batteries can be charged off line at your office desk for our models – HUM, KIVO and Kivo Easy. These batteries can be charged anywhere – office/home/public spaces. Ice however comes with a fixed battery

22Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

No, it does not charge during pedaling. Pedaling is used normally to climb uphill and to increase mileage.

23How often should I charge the battery?

Well, it depends upon your travel plan and state of charge. Otherwise, it is recommended to charge the battery full once in a month if not in use.

24How many charge cycles can I get out of a battery?

1500 Charge Cycles

25Can I lock the battery?

Yes, the battery is locked to the bike and a key should be used to remove it.

26Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

Not required. The battery of e-cycles are just like mobile phone batteries. It is in fact, best to always top up our batteries. Even if you have only travelled 10 kms, it is better to keep recharging it.

27How long can I keep the e-cycle Idle?

E-cycles can be kept in Idle for about a month. Please charge the battery full before leaving it idle. Recharge the battery again before resuming the drive.

28Can I charge my e-cycle if I stay on higher floors?

If you are using HUM or KIVO you can remove the battery and carry it to your house or office to charge. In case of ICE the battery cannot be removed. However, since it is a foldable cycleso it’s easy to carry ICE inside and charge it.

29What if I lose my battery key?

Battery replacement keys are available at our local dealer / showrooms.

30How does one take the battery out from inside the downtube?

Key off, lift the seat and pull through the battery handle. Refer to the user guide for more information.

31How to trace an e-cycle in case of theft/forgotten location?

The Smartplus series comes with an inbuilt GPS that provides live location of the cycle as long as the battery is in power.

32How much does an e-cycle weigh? And how much weight it can carry?

Net Weight -27 Kg
Capacity - ≤ 120 Kg
Net Weight -23 Kg
Capacity - ≤ 110 Kg
Net Weight -23 Kg
Capacity - ≤ 110 Kg
Net Weight -18 Kg
Capacity - ≤ 95 Kg

33Can I wash my e-cycle with water?

Yes, you can wash your e-cycle with water but do not put high water pressure on it.

34Can I retrofit any other motor or battery or modify my e-cycle?

No, you cannot do this kind of modification.

35In case of tire puncture, can this be repaired by conventional way?

Yes, tires used in these e-cycles are similar to conventional cycle and can be changed in a conventional way.

36Do I need to pedal an e-cycle?

All Motovolt e-cycles come with the 3 riding options. The rider can choose to pedal like a regular cycle. They can also use the pedal-assist mode where they can pedal with the help of the motor or can choose not to pedal and only depend on the motor to ride.

37What is a pedal assist feature?

Pedal assist, is a mode on your e-cycle where you can take help of the motor’s power while pedaling physically. This ensures you get more speed but the physical exertion is less.

38Can I climb flyovers using this?

Yes. The pedal assist mode and full throttle mode ensures ease of riding on any inclined path be it flyovers or uphill roads.

39Is there a chance to get an electric shock while using this product or while charging the battery?

No, there is no chance of electric shock while using the product.

40How many km does it cover in full charge?

It will depend on the battery you are using.

41What is the maximum speed it can travel in?